Project Studies

Why Shag Carpet?

A lot of people ask me, why I use the shaggy brown carpet for the page background. Well.... why not!? Who doesn’t love the feeling of squishy, soft carpet burrowing between your bare toes? It’s one of the most comfortable feelings the world has known. For as much time as we all spend on the internet in this modern age, we might as well be comfortable while we're here. Feel free to kick off your shoes while you’re visiting my site and get comfortable.

I make good stuff

I’m a pragmatist with 7+ years experience in Front End Engineering, User Interaction and Project Management. While launching 100+ websites over the years I’ve learned a great deal about web standards and emerging technologies, success, failure, teamwork, estimates, deadlines, and so much more. I’ve successfully delivered to top tier clients like Fox Sports, Duke University, and Cisco Systems among others.

Summary of Skills

  • Expert with 7+ years experience HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.
  • Accomplished with 4+ years of advanced JavaScript engineering including JSON, AJAX, Object Oriented Programming, Web Services, JQuery, jQuery Mobile.
  • Expertise integrating web applications including: Jive SBS, WordPress, Adobe CQ, among others
  • Strong client facing consulting skills, solid presentation skills
  • Familiar with other standards including PHP, JSP, MYSQL, SQL, Classic ASP, ActionScript, ColdFusion.
  • Practiced management skills including Project Estimating, Business Requirements Analysis & Definition, Business Development, Resource Allocation/Staffing, SCRUM methodology, Technology Mentoring, Team Building
  • Responsive/Adaptive Design and Mobile UI Consulting, PhoneGap/Hybrid App Design and Development experience
  • jQuery, Mustache JS, Jquery Mobile, HTML5 Boilerplate, Charles Proxy, Firebug, SASS/Compass, TypeKit, SVN